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Silver Star Hemp has invested in the Cryo Cure freeze-drying technology to provide our customers with premium smokable Hemp Flower.

Undisputable Terpene, Trichome and Flavor Preservation

Trichomes do not warp, shrink or break in the Cryo Cure cannabis curing machine. The final flower has an awe-inspiring look and airy-light feel with a powerful aroma, with an unforgettable taste and flavor.

Long Shelf Life For Dried Hemp Flower

Hemp and concentrates which go through the Cryo Cure process proudly carry the “Cryo Cured” badge. These Cryo-Cured products can last for a year or longer when stored properly in airtight containers, out of prolonged direct sunlight.

Prevents THC-A Degradation

The Cryo Cure process preserves and stabilizes THC-A, so the final product has lower levels of Delta -9 THC and CBN. As a result, the cured cannabis produces a euphoric, creative and energetic effect. The consumption experience is smooth and light, a surprising delight to all who try it!

Perfect Moisture Content Minimizes Mold & Mildew

Cryo Cure’s precisely-controlled moisture levels prevent oxidation and prohibit the growth of harvest-ruining mold and mildew, while also preventing the spread of bud rot after harvest.

Smokable Hemp Flower & Full Spectrum Hemp Products - Grown On Our Washington State Hemp Farm

Silver Star Hemp Farm Mission

Our goal is to provide top-quality Hemp products from our family to yours! We are not a large corporate farm or a distributor that buys low-quality hemp from out-of-state suppliers, we are a small family hemp farm dedicated to providing top-quality smokable hemp flower and full-spectrum Hemp products.

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